Circumcision Aftercare

  1. After you leave there should be NO bleeding.Open the nappy hourly for the first 4 hours, and after this every 2 hours to check for blood. If you see blood baby needs to be seen immediately. Contact the surgery immediately. If for any reason you cannot contact the surgery please take the baby to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Accident and Emergency Department. If transport is a problem you may call an ambulance by dialing 999.

  2. Give regular Paracetamol OR Calpol (every 4 to 6 hours) for the first 24 hours, after this give if the baby is in discomfort, you will be advised about the dosage.

  3. Each time the nappy is changed, apply sudocrem on a tissue and place over the circumcision area. The nappy should be changed with normal frequency.

  4. Give the first bath 24 hours after the circumcision procedure, and then continue morning and evening until the plastic bell comes off. Soak baby for 15 minutes twice a day.

  5. The plastic bell is applied to stop bleeding and should come off by seven days; if by the seventh day it has not come off, come to the surgery to have it removed before 10:00am.

  6. Do not apply any pressure to the nappy area (i.e. belts or buckles from car seat or baby chair) until the ring comes off

  7. Some swelling and mild redness of the area is normal. After 4-5 days the skin around the edge of the wound becomes soft and yellowish and may even look like the colour of pus, this may appear after the ring has fallen off, this is not a sign of infection.

  8. If you have had any problems or other circumcision related concerns about the baby you should contact the surgery, so that a review can be arranged.